Hair Loss Treatment for Women That Works

hair loss treatment for womenIs There a Hair Loss Treatment for Women?

As a woman, one of the things that your mom probably didn’t tell you was that as you entered menopause, you might well start losing some of your hair. For those women with thick hair, they might not even notice it, but if you have naturally thin hair already, you might start seeing more of your scalp than you are comfortable with. Even though you might think that every hair loss treatment out on the market today is designed solely for men, there are several methods of hair loss treatment for women that will work for you.

Why Do You Lose Hair?

We all lose hair naturally as you probably know by looking at your clothing, your brush, or the floor of your shower or tub. But, there may be a time when you start to lose hair at a more rapid pace and making some swift changes to your life can help slow down the hair loss. The most common reason why women actually lose hair is because of the way they take care of it. Men wash their hair and let it dry, but many women spend an awful lot of time altering their hair with chemical products, using excessively hot styling equipment as well as products that are full of ingredients that just aren’t good for your body.

The other reason why a lot of women lose hair is that they don’t realize that putting hair up in a ponytail, brushing it while it is wet, or braiding it can actually result in more hair loss. Basically, when you put a lot of pressure on your hair, it will eventually give up and start falling out.

What Else Causes Hair Loss in Women?

Menopause is one of the major causes of hair loss in women, but so are prescription medications. Before you panic and think that you are going bald, you should talk to your doctor to determine just what kind of hair loss you are having and what the potential causes could be. It might be that you have an issue with your thyroid or that one of the medications that you are taking has a side effect of hair loss.

What Can You Do?

1. Once you have identified whether your hair loss is due to environmental factors, health issues, or just the natural aging process, you can then start treating it. One hair loss treatment for women that has come around in recent years is the same kind of medication that is used for balding men. This is a good solution for women with excessive hair loss, but in most cases it is not really necessary.

2. Simply by taking better care of your skin, your scalp, your hair, and your diet, you should find that you can stop the hair loss in its tracks. A hair loss treatment for women that is very popular is the use of natural oils on the scalp and the hair. By massaging your scalp with natural oils, you will help to rejuvenate hair growth and you will also bring more blood flow and therefore more oxygen to the follicles, which can aid in growth.

3. It is also important to keep in mind that hair growth is a delicate matter and it can be affected by such things as lack of sleep, too much stress, a poor diet, obesity, and even allergies. The best idea for most women is to try to eat the best possible diet and one that is free from chemicals and processed foods if possible. By using shampoos and styling products that are also chemical-free, you should notice that your hair loss begins to slow down.

Many women find that the answer to hair loss can be found in taking multi-vitamins, eating a better diet, getting a better night’s sleep, and simply being more careful with their hair and scalp. However, if you do continue to lose excessive amounts of hair, then you should certainly talk to a doctor.